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    賀東航 孔繁斌
      To achieve its objectives, a national public policy needs to be implemented in specific local contexts where it is refined and reset. This will give rise to a structure marked by local diversity and central unity, indicating the layered character of public policy. At the same time, each significant public policy, especially reforms in major fields, has multiple attributes. Simultaneously charged with economic, political, social, cultural and ecological missions, it has to rely on multisectoral cooperation and supporting policies to realize its objectives. To prevent public policy implementation from being “fragmented,” it is advisable to introduce an impetus from higherlevel authorities, something unique to the Chinese system; to practice hierarchical and multiobjective governance; and to take measures for coordination, trust, cooperation, integration, resource exchange and information communication in order to solve the problem of implementing public policy across sectors and governments at different levels. This can be regarded in a sense as the Chinese experience in the implementation of public policy. 




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