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    American Sociological Review(ASR)

    The American Sociological Review is a bimonthly, peer-reviewed academic journal covering all aspects of sociology, including new theoretical developments, results of research that advance the understanding of fundamental social processes, and methodological innovations. It is published by SAGE Publications on behalf of the American Sociological Association. It was established in 1936. The current editors in chief are Tony Brown, Katharine Donato, Larry Isaac, and Holly McCammon (Vanderbilt University).

    American Journal of Sociology (AJS)

    The American Journal of Sociology (AJS), established in 1895 by Albion Small, is the oldest scholarly journal of sociology in the United States. The journal is attached to the University of Chicago's sociology department and it is published bimonthly by The University of Chicago Press. AJS is edited by Andrew Abbott of the University of Chicago. The journal presents work on the theory, methods, practice, and history of sociology. AJS also publishes sociology-related papers by scholars from outside sociology, speaking to sociologists, social scientists, and the general sociological reader.

    British Journal of Sociology(BJS)

    The British Journal of Sociology is an academic journal, founded in 1950 at the London School of Economics. The main founders were the sociologists Morris Ginsberg and Thomas Humphrey Marshall. Their intended title, "The London Journal of Sociology", seems to have been changed by the publisher before the first issue was brought out. The BJS has been considered to be among "the highest-status journals [that] are the leaders in their particular field". In the course of 1991–1994, a controversy was carried on in the pages of the BJS between John Goldthorpe and others, regarding the merits and weaknesses of current historical sociology.

    Modern China

    Published for over thirty years, Modern China has been an indispensable source of scholarship in history and the social sciences on late-imperial, twentieth-century, and present-day China. Modern China presents scholarship based on new research or research that is devoted to new interpretations, new questions, and new answers to old questions.

    The China Quarterly

    The China Quarterly is the leading scholarly journal in its field, covering all aspects of contemporary China including Taiwan. Its interdisciplinary approach covers a range of subjects including anthropology/sociology, literature and the arts, business/economics, geography, history, international affairs, law, and politics. Edited to rigorous standards by scholars of the highest repute, the journal publishes high-quality, authoritative research, keeping readers up to date with events in China. International in scholarship, The China Quarterly provides readers with historical perspectives, in-depth analyses, and a deeper understanding of China and Chinese culture. In addition to major articles and research reports, each issue contains a comprehensive Book Review section, and also a Quarterly Chronicle, which keeps readers informed of events in and affecting China.


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